MAC Cosmetics and the MAC AIDS Fund

Lipstick. How can something labeled as purely cosmetic, 100% vanity, serve a cause that’s significantly, massively beyond its superficial purpose?

To most, it’s merely a vanity product  which contains pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that women obsess over, whether it’s classy lipstick that flatters the face or the cheap train-wreck-pink-with-blinding-shimmers shit some walking nightmare smears on.

Here’s a semi-pro tip from someone who’s grandma took time to extol the virtues of a good lipstick (and we all know grandmothers are ALWAYS right about things) – don’t stinge on a good lipstick. You  can almost always tell if a woman has class and was brought up well from the lipstick she wears. That and how she smells. (I will babble about scents another time, but again, you can distinguish a real woman with class from how she smells)

So support a good lipstick brand, especially if it’s behind a worthy cause. Yes, MAC cosmetics spends thousands – no, millions collectively on a global scale – on peddling their wares to make women look better with their makeup. But no, that does not imply that the brand is frivolous. Yes, there is power in its voice. Millions come across whatever message it sends out in its marketing campaigns, be it in on a magazine page, a news story, a poster, a billboard or through its posse of celebrity endorsers.

I respect a brand when it has enough balls to put its money where its lipstick-ed mouth is to really get behind a cause. MAC does that. MAC and its VIVA GLAM line have raised more than US$200 million with 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the line’s lipstick and lipglass shades going to the MAC AIDS Funds. Of course, Lady Gaga has a lot to do with bringin’ in the dollahs.

But think about it, what good is brand or star power if it doesn’t lend itself towards something that could make even a slight difference towards the betterment of others?

From November 28, 2011 through December 2 this year,  MAC employees globally have committed to putting away their makeup brushes to donate their time, energy and skills to a local community dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

I don’t know what the MAC team in Malaysia is doing but I know in Singapore, staff are baking up a storm and busy frosting muffins for 3 organisations committed to helping those infected with AIDS.

Before you smirk and scoff and dismiss this as a calculated, PR stunt by the MAC publicity team. think about what you’ve done today that counts towards social good.

Today, I wear my VIVA GLAM lipstick with pride. I send a big, Gaga-2 lipglass-lacquered kiss to the MAC team for their big hearts and for their courage and kindness towards the AIDS cause.

Find out more about the MAC AIDS Fund at







The Challenge

So about a month back, when a deluge of crap started to pile up and choke up the gutter, I felt a faint resurgence of that all-too-familiar lower self making a comeback. It did catch up with me, that bitch.

And dayum, she brought it down this time. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror – well, because I let myself go. It wasn’t drastically terrible, it wasn’t disgusting, but what I saw, I was ashamed of. Being constantly made fun of for having a noticeably large derriere started to hurt. I’ve always had a much lauded hot ass but apparently, I was now fat ass instead. I began being very conscious of what I put on every morning and the image that was looking back at me in the mirror. Mind you, I have a lot of floor to ceiling mirrors in my present apartment. Urgh.

So I issued myself the challenge. The one I failed miserably when I turned 3-0 because I decided that my relationship with that someone else at that time was more important that the relationship I had with myself.

Cleaning out the gutter isn’t easy. In fact, it’s been a trying last month or so, with work, life, insecurities, comparisons of why-others-have-this-and-that-and-who-while-I-don’t-so-why-am-I-such-a-failure hit me really, really hard. It didn’t help that there were many days when I was left feeling insignificant, unimportant and well, like I didn’t matter.

I snapped shortly after the challenge was accepted and well, made a mess of things. Maybe it was all the cleansing, all that limonene, sea salt and alkalizing I was doing to my insides and that my body was undergoing change, I cannot be certain. But my mood was affected for sure.

The thing about falling down many, many times over is that after the self-blame and moping is over, you pick yourself up from the grimy-ass floor, do a head flick and walk tall. The difference between past falls and this time’s is that I have a new, schnazzy Bobbi-get-up routine to pick myself up off the floor with the grace of a real woman in my 6-inches, with a damn awesome head flick to boot.

I really thank the kindness and patience of my pole class instructor for always believing I can perfect my moves and for reminding me that I have proven myself wrong each time I gawk at a new move on the pole and then master it shortly, with a toss of my hair and smile to go along with it. Oh, and for noticing how much stronger I’ve become on the pole. That, I am mighty proud of!

So I don’t have a husband, I haven’t given birth to a kid and going by the way things are looking at the moment, I don’t think either’s going to happen anytime soon. The evil thing about Facebook and having free time on your hands is you start being a busybody, you start comparing and you start wanting what you don’t have. Then the rest of your lower self kicks in and goes on an overdrive.

Truth be told, I am contented with what I have, to a certain extent. So to remind myself of just how blessed and how much I have going for me in this life, I’m staying away from snooping and from a handful of toxic people who like to remind me of what I don’t have yet.

I’m ok to take time to take care of myself. My time for each and every moment I wish for will come. And plus, I have a pressing challenge to meet. Come January 4th, this body is going to be older but it’s going to be a body a lot of the young ones, and the ones on Facebook, wished they had.

Wish me faith, cos’ luck is for insecure losers.

Gone digital

My new 'do. Rocking the pinup girl look

So I got tired with my Brazilian Blowout-esque, straightened hair and decided to go back to having some body in my mane. It was during a trip back to Singapore last week…an emotionally-charged trip back, might I add. They say when a girl is in dire need of change in her life, a new hairstyle gives a serious boost. 

Verdict? It sure did 😀 While I’m still finding my footing, I have renewed confidence that I can rock this awesomeness.

Live high, live mighty.

Oh and this blog is back in business, Baby. \m/

Fashion for a Cause: Exclusive Limited Edition Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote

Kudos to Marc Jacobs for teaming up with luxury department store Brown Thomas to create a limited edition tote for the 7th annual Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Ireland™ Campaign! The ever-whimsical series of Miss Marc nylon totes from MJ’s line goes gungho and takes a little jibe at the long fight so many women are afflicted with and Miss Marc is just too cute with her gangly arms in boxing gloves. Having Georgia May Jagger as the face to front this limited edition bag and to back this cause helps too.

I’m in this muay thai phase recently once more, thanks to work and a revisit in picking up training – so this bag has an added meaning to the phrase “Fight like a girl”. Indeed.

I’m a sucker for limited edition and my weakness for MJ has resulted in an online purchase to support the cause. Get yours here

PolishHead: New York Post puts a finger to the growing polish trend

Today’s New York Post carries an article by James Covert on the how more women are ditching the big retail splurge on expensive rags and choosing to wear their style on their nails instead. This comes after the news on shook the beauty business world when Coty announced they were due to acquire OPI for $1 BILLION DOLLARS. Yes, ONE. BILLION. DOLLARS.

For those who do not understand why women and girls obsess over their nails, think about it: When you were a little girl, didn’t it totally make your world when you had your little fingernails and toenails painted? It sure did for me and definitely made me feel realllyyyy pretty and special. I remember I even had this range of kid nail polish that allowed you to peel it off!

So it won’t take Sherlock to figure out why I am still obsessed with nail polish and how I can single out which OPI colour is being worn when I’m out on the streets or with friends. I am terribly proud of my OPI collection and I love it when friends compliment me on my stellar nails 😀 OPI is definitely my favourite with their mad-witty names that always make me laugh and marvel at how brilliant the minds behind the brand are. Some gems and personal favourites include “You Don’t Know Jacques”, “Eiffel for this Colour”, “Tickle me France-y”, “Baguette Me Not”,  “Chocolate Moose”, “Over the Taupe”, “Red, Red Rhine”……I could go on and on and on but you can go to OPI’s website for a chuckle at all the witty names. I’d love to have OPI as a client one of these days!

Read the piece on how “Nail polish takes on a new shine” here –

Makeup raid and reorganisation!

Excuse me while I take today and maybe the next few more to get organised and make some sense to my bursting makeup cabinet. I’ll also be listing a good deal of them up for swaps on makeupalley!

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